Port of Felixstowe Gate Pass

If you visit us on the Port of Felixstowe in a truck, pulling a tautliner/curtain or have a shipping container on a trailer you need a paper pass or electronic release to leave the Port of Felixstowe at either gates (1 or 2). If you are a rigid curtain-side or rigid with 20ft container,  you also need a gate pass or electronic pass. We will issue this if we are the last place you are visiting on the Port and going to the outgates and leaving the Port of Felixstowe.

You do not need a gate pass to exit the Port of Felixstowe for;

  • Vans of all sizes.
  • Service Vehicles.
  • Empty Flat Beds/Tippers.
  • Buses/Coaches.
  • Cars.

Tyre fitters, courier vans, catering trucks, furniture/removal trucks, rigid GRP box vans and fitters do not need a gate pass or LUM to leave the Port of Felixstowe.

On leaving 88 shed we will qualify the load you have is correct and then issue you a carbon copy paper pass to leave the Port. This is stamped and has to relate to a visit to us. We can’t offer passes for 3rd party haulage or anyone not visiting us at the Port of Felixstowe – and can’t/won’t do this for anyone.

If you have an empty or loaded container, we have to use the system to generate an electronic pass (LUM) or use our connection to customer services. We can’t do this if your visit is not to 88 shed.

You can exit the Port with an empty container or curtain side trailer if you can open the doors and show it as an empty in most cases, if the outgate staff are happy to do so. In any case, call customer services for support with exiting the Port out of hours or if you need support – in advance of pulling up to the exit barriers to facilitate a smooth exit from the Port. Phone customer services first, before approaching the barrier and ask if you are able to exit with any empty container/trailer.