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    We have been to market and looked for software to run, manage and account for our palletised warehouse here in Felixstowe. We have looked at off-the-shelf palletised warehouse software options, asked providers to adapt solutions and had consultants try and help us find something and found that medium and even large scale warehousing providers are still using adapted spreadsheets.

    While we will persevere with spreadsheets and have adapted them in the last 12 months to do more and more we recognise the need to ask for more. In Q2 of 2021 we have started to develop our own systems with staff accessible phone based apps that are fed from a cloud based data source.  While we know that office staff can manipulate the spreadsheets from a PC, we had a bottleneck of information from the fork truck drivers and handballers on the warehouse floor recording, manually reporting then entering the goods manually. 

    We set a brief,

    Automate charges, account for stock and locations, have the inbound and outbound fork truck operators have access to do more to save time in the office. No re-keying of data and move away from hand written paperwork while being secure.


    Improved core spreadsheet data by analysing the processes and needs, asking the warehouse staff and machine operators what is the quickest way they can give us the information we need and to save everyone time while offering our customers more shared information. We are currently rolling out and testing our systems with development of 5 front ends applications.


    1. Office Admin App – All data including rates and stages of goods. Adding inbound data ready for inbound to add live updates. Directors performance reports.
    2. Goods Inbound App – Access to add quantities and locations, consumables and chargeable services with as little effort (time) as possible.
    3. Outbound Dispatch App – Accounting for liability and traceability with stock management and  customer charges end points with live reporting.
    4. Internal Movements & Charges – Stock control, reworking of goods, labelling and security with cost and charges calculation for recovery from the customer.
    5. Accounts Dept Access and Reports – Automatically costing rent, consumables, movements and labour saving hours of time and missed profit opportunities.


    Budget Palletised Warehouse Software Data View


    This is currently in development in-house and staff are feeding back findings, annoyances and effort involved to build something to suit our plans for growth and expansion over the next decade.

    Realised Immediate Outcomes and Benefits.

    1. Real time flagging of immediate issues across all three sites on the ground by SMS to supervisors.
    2. Less voice traffic within the office, saving time and distraction through automation. (2-way radio)
    3. Zero value markers to query missing information leading to action being taken.
    4. Direct entry of data at source saving doubling up on tasks within a linear process.
    5. The offer of real time information to customers without any effort.
    6. Stock value and liability reporting.
    7. Recovery of costs for work undertaken out of scope of normal expectations.


    This is still very much in development (March 2022) and we are keen to grow, learn and share this with the palletised warehousing and logistics community. 


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