In house services

We have full control of our websites, databases, systems and integration with SMS messaging and emails for staff reports in-house.

Having the ability to manage and change our websites in-house keeps us at the top of Google’s organic rankings for logistics warehousing and storage and shows new customers the latest tools and equipment we have to carry out the work. Our website is our live sales brochure, tied in with our LinkedIn page, Facebook and Twitter feeds, all updated with the latest news and information and we update these more than once a week, every week. 

Our business development manager also manages our cloud data and makes his own app’s for customer views, stock and value reports on our mobile devices as well as showing us where we are at any stage of the day. We are able to manipulate and evolve our views, reports and integrations as our customers needs change. If we can save time, we are more efficient. If our data is correctly interrogated we are more accurate and accountable across the whole warehouse and pallet storage business.

We do ask for external review of we how we present ourselves and buy in elements of IT support for hardware and communications but manage our software development, apps, website, social media, spreadsheets and 3rd party triggering tools in-house. We are very proud of what we do, how we achieve it and the service we offer.

If you have any questions or comments, or you are an existing customer looking for support with integration or services, please do email [email protected]