Indoor Storage

We have a large short term storage warehouse in Felixstowe and our long term storage warehouse in Ipswich, soon to be bonded. Our existing customers are very satisfied with our service which offers flexibility to accommodate all types of indoor storage, whether it be short-term or long-term storage.

Through our in-house haulage department, we have the ability to re-work or handle the loads ready for onward delivery with direct access to the A14 and A12.

To involve our newly empowering business we have entitled ourselves for the role of pallet storage. As well as being known for our indoor storage being  28,oooo sq ft in felixstowe and 21,000 sq ft in ipswich we also have our handballers who will put the cartons onto pallets which then organise the space into our large warehouse. C&S warehousing is open to all companies who need extra space for their pallet storage. We do in fact accept long term storage and always are committed to providing service when needed in time or ASAP. As a representative of the business I would say C&S is in a good location as it is just of the A!4. To hold in the storage we do all agree it is very cost-effective and we hold reliable logistics. We are always open for any type of companies who need our service.

Please contact us and let us know how we can help you or read more about us.