• Freeport Felixstowe

    Posted on March 29, 2021 by in Development

    We have a dedicated website for all Freeport Felixstowe matters for Freeport Status, Benefits and negative viewpoints around Freeport after the 2021 Budget Announcement is now live with a Freeport Felixstowe event planned for later this year to help warehouse, storage and logistics businesses in Felixstowe know more about the benefits and help to prepare for Freeport status later this year.

    Goods that arrive Freeports from abroad aren’t subject to the tax charges, called tariffs, that are normally paid to the government and this will mean busier times for Felixstowe and the surrounding areas. Freeport tax reliefs announced in the 2021 Budget are largely expected to last for a period of five years and Felixstowe and surrounding areas businesses will see the benefits of – if operating in the included scope of operations listed.

    Check out our website for more information and events coming up https://freeportfelixstowe.com/

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